Thursday, May 3, 2012

Long time no hear

Hey people;
So I haven't posted anything in about two weeks cause I got busy, bored and realized that no one actually reads this thing. Anyway, I shall continue talking and pretend this is being read.

Actually, there's nothing really to talk about. Tomorrow I'm going to go watch my brother promote to his next taekwondo level and my friend Dominique promote to his as well (first degree yellow and second degree brown, respectively). It's going to be pretty beast. At my last test I watched a girl I know who's my age promote from first degree black belt to second degree and it was one of the scariest things I've ever seen in my life. Black belts have to break boards before their test and they can't go on if the boards don't break. They're real wood. Anyway, then you do your three forms and then spar one other black belt for 3 minutes straight (which doesn't sound like a long time until you watch someone fight someone else for that long. You can hear them breathing from a room away.). After that you get a few minutes rest and then spar 3 people for 1 minute. If you pass, you get a black belt with gold writing on it. One side says whichever degree you are and I think the other side says the name of the studio or something. Then your instructor ties the belt on you (a big deal) and you walk out of the room victorious and exhausted. The girl I watched (Miss Todd - all black belts are referred to by their last names as a sign of respect. It's very, very, very odd to refer to someone 15 days older then you as 'Miss'.) was sick and has asthma so it was kind of amazing to watch her. I doubt I could do it in good condition.

So yeah, there's nothing much else to say.... my birthday's on Sunday! That's about it.

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  1. Welcome to another age. Have fun, because when you turn 16, thats when all the real fun begins.