Thursday, July 19, 2012

successful talent scout

OMG so I just discovered that Abby (who I already knew is a good writer) is a freakin beastly poetry spoken word writer. Thus she will be in slam club with us next year yay!

Anyways this is what she wrote at my house at 11 last night:

"Love is a wonderful thing, something to be written about and revered. Love is what happens to those willing to let life direct them into the paths of those who need them to continue on their journey and remember what they carry on for. Love is permanent, written on your soul to bleed through and color your heart the hue of happiness. Love is when the knowledge of who you want in your life is concrete, as is who you want to remember and assist you in your expedition of learning, and you are utterly wiling to look past the insignificant flaws and accept their quirks in order to preserve them in your life. Love is something to stumble upon or build, with stones of recognition of the efforts they apply to life, with mortar of emotion and rawness, and using tools of communication and forgiveness. Love is a home, in which to house the few that take the time to build it. "


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