Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hey again! Sorry, my last post for today (unless I get bored, of course, in which case more stuff will come flooding in. Or if I procrastinate, cause I really should be doing my To Kill a Mockingbird hw... Atticus called Scout "baby"!)
So anyway, I follow my friend Obi-Wan Kenobi's blog (aka my buddy Chloe. For future reference, I am Yoda. She is Obi-Wan and I will frequently reference her as my faithful student.) and I realized that on her most recent post she referenced my blog and told people to read it because she is a person of epic proportions. Therefore I am returning the favor and telling you to go read hers. Cause its really good and she has pictures on it she actually took, not ones she found on the Internet like moi. Also I will try to post a picture of something epic every day if I don't bore the crap out of you with my long, obtuse paragraphs. The pictures will usually be under the heading "Words" so if you see that know that you are about to become more intellectually advanced. Or at least entertained.
ANYWAY, this is her blog: thepublicdollhouse.blogspot.com
So go look at it. Right now. Not kidding.

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