Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Hey y'all! So I just got back from school and it was an A Day, which means I had biology, pre calc, careers and american studies. All in all a depressing day for many reasons which will be explained right now.
1. Biology. First class of the morning, so while interesting is immediately quite taxing. We did watch a super cool movie on genomes and how you can access your entire genome now. This is a bit of a controversial subject as many people think it will just depress you to find out your "pre-destined" diseases (which is why I would only like to find out things I can help prevent. So not cancer, or Altzheimers, or anything like that.)
2. Math. The word itself explains all. I admit that I do enjoy math, but today we had to do a state work sample that we were assured we would be able to do (from a TEACHER perspective, so its a lie). I did it, but not after staring blankly at the paper for a whole 15 minutes and mentally swearing that entire time. Then we did some stuff with polar coordinates, I think, which was cool.
3. Careers. Sucks. End of story.
4. American Studies. I have a beastly teacher but we watched videos about the Holocaust and the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which instantly depressed me. I told my friend Anya I am disgusted with the human race at times; this is one of those times. I'll have whole other posts dedicated to my rants on humanity, though, so for now I'll spare you. You're welcome!

But now I am getting ready to go to taekwondo, where I will learn a new form ( there are 9 belt levels: white, yellow, blue, purple, brown and black with two degrees for each level except for white and black. White there's one and black there are nine.) I started about 4 months ago and I am a first degree yellow belt and am on my third form. Before this I was a second degree yellow belt, and before that a white belt. When you get to black belt, however, you start at first degree and go up to ninth and instead of having one form per degree you have three. It gets crazy, but I love it so much. I'm learning to defend myself and kick the crap out of people at the same time. :)

So I'll shut up now and you can go back to your lives!


  1. don't worry I'll have several "depressed with humanity" posts in no time. And I'm pretty sure you could have done the same for Biology as what you did for Careers xD

  2. woah re-post.. weeird
    Now i gotta write some depressed with technology posts... or some depressed with my understanding of technology posts. :)