Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hey dudes:
I ended up not posting anything yesterday, I didn't have time. I had soccer pictures with my lovely team (who, upon learning that I have this blog said, "YOU'RE FAMOUS??" Sadly, I had to explain to them that you do not have to be famous to have a blog. Felt pretty great about myself though. For future reference, if you're ever in a sucky mood go find a kid who's not related to you and just talk to them for awhile. They'll think you're fantastic and will continually compliment you. Epic.) which was great. Then when I got home I made a birthday card for Anya (she'll hate me for saying this, so I will) and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANYA!!! I <3 u :)
Anyway, today I took a math test again and did some other lovely, lovely things in a school setting. AKA 6 hours of my life I shall never get back. Tomorrow's a B day though so it'll be fun cause I have English. Crap!! I have to do my homework for that class....
Anyway, then I went to slam poetry club with cdub which was really cool. I read the one I wrote and people liked it so that was neat. Then we had this assignment where we could go wherever we wanted in the school and had to write a poem composed of only phrases we found. It was epic and mine was really random.
So I don't think there's really anything else to say... I'm just going to look for pictures to post :) byeeeee

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